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Training Packages

Online Coaching with Kate

Do you want to train with Kate but don't live in the area?
Do you want to maintain your training while on holiday overseas?
The our online coaching program is just for you!

Master your body today no matter where you are, we are here for you!
- Weekly skype contact with your trainer.
- Weekly exercise programs.
- Priority email contact with your trainer.
plus much, much more.
Call Kate NOW to discuss your coaching!

Metabolic Rewire Guarantee!

Metabolic Rewire

Where is your body really at? Do you even really know?
Are you Tired? Stressed? Bloated?
Bay ActivePT's Metabolic Rewire Program is just for you!
This 6 week program hits the RESET button on your body and allows you to really get in-tune with its needs rather than your wants. This program is designed to aid you in starting your new begining of health and longevity.
There are three key phases to the Metabolic Rewire including; reset, customize and maintenance.
These 3 phases are key to your success and part of the reason we offer a 100% Money Back guarantee!
What is included in the Metabolic Blitz
- PT 1-on-1 (Personal Training)
- 30min Blitz
- Customized meal plan and nutritional feedback
- Customized exercise programs
- Coaching 1-on-1
- Assessments and result tracking
- 100% Money Back guarantee*
PLUS much, much more.
So what are you waiting for contact us today and enroll in the Metabolic Rewire

30min Blitz

30min Blitz is the unique High Intensity Interval Training program offered by Bay ActivePT.
You will be warmed up, worked out and cooled down in just 30mins making this style of workout ideal for the busy mum or worker.
Designed to ramp up your metabolism so you burn more throughout your day. Helping you to achieve your desired body.
Classes run Monday - Friday but book out quick, therefore we advise that you book in advance to avoid disappointment.
Maximum of 4 people per class means you get focused time with the trainer to ensure you get through your workout using high quality techquie preventing injuries and promoting muscle tone.