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Squad Fitness training in Batemans Bay

Squad Training

"Squad: A small group of people having a particular task."

Squad Original


The Original Squad designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and promote weight loss. A perfect introduction to training for someone who hasn't been a part of the SQUAD experience before. 1 hour training session focusing around functional training methods designed to improve each participates strength and fitness!
Each participate will get an opportunity to watch their fitness improve as they perform a bench mark workout every 6-8weeks.
This fun, friendly environment allows each and every participate to reach their health and fitness goals with the company of others.
Getting started is simple call (02) 4472 4752 and arrange for an initial appointment, this is completely complimentary and will allow you to identify your goal! Now its time t get started!

Commando Squad Training


Military & Forces Fitness. Programmed to aid clients applying for the forces or that may be a little crazy about their fitness. The elite level of training found in the forces this is a 1hr session not for the faint hearted. You will push yourself beyond your wildest dreams to reach a new height in your strength and fitness! Have you got what it takes????

To take part in Commando SQUAD you will need to attend a complimentary initial assessment. During this assessment we work together to set your goals and if you are intending on entering the forces we ensure you are ready by the date of your fitness testing.
It's time to grit your teeth and get among it!

Commando is currently running
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Punched Squad Training


Perfect for clients looking at improving their cardiovascular fitness while smashing the calories and toning. This 1hr program starts with 45 min targeted for boxing fitness followed by a 15 min core workout. Come and duck and weave your way to the your exceptional new body!

During Punched you will focus on a variety of skills including;
Cardiovascular Fitness, Agility, Technique (both upper and lower body), Foot-work, Core Conditioning plus loads more!

Book in for your initial complimentary appointment to get started this week!

Tits and Tots Squad Training

Mums & Bubs

A fully interactive exercise group. This group allows mum to instill her essential health and fitness values into her little one at the youngest of ages. In a fun environment. Babies will be split into three groups;
- Pre-Crawlers
- Crawlers
- Toddlers
Before Participating mum and bubby must meet with the trainer for a free consult to complete a health screening. Mums & Bubs is a fun 45min workout for mother and child to grow and bond together.
This innovative program allows mum's to work with their child while getting back into shape!

Currently Mums & Bubs is running
Bookings Required, email or call for more details.