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Working out over Christmas? 11/12/17

We all know that over the silly season it can be a little difficult to keep up our regular training routine. But do we have to?
How do you manage your eating and exercising over this time of year?
I want you to take a second and really think about what Christmas means to you. For me it is about family, and if I am 100% honest also about getting a bit of a rest. So how do we manage to keep the balance over the festive season with catching up with family and letting the body get a bit of recovery in?
Keep it simple.
-Start each day with a walk or maybe even a family bike ride.
-Take 3-5mins to meditate each morning before starting your day.
-Eat in moderation. If your family caters anything like mine there is always left overs so you wont miss out on your favorite dishes, so start small.
-Keep hydrated, with water!
So don't bust yourself over Christmas let you body recharge mentally, physically and emotionally form the year that has been and kick back into it in the NewYear

I Love Christmas! 4 / 12 /17

I don't know if many of you have noticed.... but I love Christmas.

The other day I put up my First ever Christmas tree in Bay ActivePT Studio! Can you tell I was excited??? Over the Last couple of days it has brought such joy to my clients and myself! But Christmas isn't just about the tree or the presents. It is hearing all the different ways that my clients will be celebrating Christmas and all the traditions they have. Some new and some old.

What make's your Christmas special?


Filex 2017

Wow, what an incredible event this years Filex was. I am physically and mentally exhausted but so thrilled by our industry and where it is heading.
An event of this calibre is always hard to summaries.

All I can say is I am inspired & pumped to get back to work!
Caught up with so many great fitness professionals, Physios, Nutritionist and friends.

The best thing about events like this is being so submerged in the industry that you can be inspired by all that you see. Filex always feels like HOME!