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Squad Training

"Squad: A small group of people having a particular task."

Here at Bay ActivePT we believe that we are stronger together. That is why we created SQUAD! Small group training for those who want to move, look and feel better. Our innovative classes have been designed to not only be enjoyable but also educational. Teaching our client about their body's and how to optimize there own personal health and performance. Come and join in on the fun.

30min Blitz

Introducing Bay ActivePT's exclusive 30min Blitz, a dynamic High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program that fits perfectly into the hectic schedules of busy mums and professionals. In just half an hour, you'll experience a comprehensive warm-up, an invigorating workout, and a cool-down, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Our 30min Blitz is specifically designed to supercharge your metabolism, enabling you to burn calories long after the session ends. With this program, you'll be one step closer to achieving the body you desire.

To ensure personalised attention and maintain the highest standards of safety and effectiveness, we keep our class sizes small, allowing a maximum of 8 participants per session. This guarantees that our trainers can focus on guiding you through the workout with proper technique, minimizing the risk of injuries and promoting muscle tone.

Can't make it to the studio? No worries! We also offer the 30min Blitz class online, so you can join in from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be.

Get ready to experience the power of our 30min Blitz at Bay ActivePT. Achieve maximum results in minimal time, and let us help you unleash your full potential.

Mums & Bubs

Join us for Pre & Postnatal Mums and Bubs classes, where we believe in rebuilding from the inside out and supporting mothers on their journey to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our classes are specifically designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for expecting and mums to return to exercise as early as 6 weeks postpartum. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by mothers, and our certified MumSafe trainers are here to guide you every step of the way.

Motherhood brings forth a newfound strength, and our classes provide a space for you to discovering the capabilities of your body post birth. We celebrate the incredible journey you've been on and help you harness the physical and mental resilience that comes with being a mother.

Improving fitness is a key focus of our Mums and Bubs classes. We tailor exercises to target the specific needs of postnatal bodies, helping you regain strength, flexibility, and stamina. Whether it's rebuilding core muscles, improving posture, or increasing overall fitness, we have you covered.

Join us at Bay ActivePT's Pre & Postnatal Mums and Bubs classes and embark on your postnatal fitness journey alongside a supportive community of like-minded mothers. Together, we'll embrace the joy of motherhood and empower you to be the strongest version of yourself.

Mums & Bubs Yoga

Mums & Bubs Yoga

Mums & Bubs Yoga, a safe space for mums to relax, recharge and connect with other mums in Batemans Bay and beyond. Join us for an empowering and nurturing yoga experience designed specifically for you and your precious little one.

Our Mums & Bubs Yoga Class offers a sanctuary where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit while bonding with your baby in a supportive community. Led by experienced instructors, our gentle postnatal yoga sessions focus on your postpartum recovery, helping you regain strength and tone your body at your own pace.

Experience the joy of deepening your connection with your baby through gentle movements. Embrace the power of mindful breathing to find inner peace and alleviate the stresses of new-mum life. And, most importantly, connect with other like-minded mums who are on the same journey, creating lifelong friendships and a strong support system.

Our limited spots fill up quickly, so don't miss this opportunity to reserve your place. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, our Mums & Bubs Yoga Class welcomes all levels of experience. Come and join us at Bay ActivePT in Batemans Bay, and embark on a transformative journey of postnatal wellness, strength, and bonding.

Boxing for Mums

We're excited to announce, Boxing for Mums! A six week program to introduce Mums to boxing after having a baby.

This exciting new class runs for six weeks starting from Friday 9th of September at 9:30am.

During this class you will:
- Learn how to wrap wrists
- Learn technique for 3 key punches
- Learn basic combinations
- Improve fitness
- Get sweaty & have fun!

To participate in this class you must be 6 months+ postnatal and have received clearance to exercise from a Women's Health Physiotherapist.

Spots are limited. Book now by visiting our online shop.

Intro to Strength

Do you want to move better?
DO you want to feel strong?
Do you find big gyms intimidating?
Are you confused with where to start?

Then Intro to Strength (ITS)is the class for you. Our newest Squad format, designed by Kate herself this class takes your from complete armature through all the basics and proper technique so that you can begin lifting and feel strong.

This unique class format allows you to learn new skills and track your performance. Class numbers are keep small to ensure adequate time with trainer.

Learn the fundamentals to Strength training in a boutique friendly environment so you can move,look and feel better. Come and join in!


Perfect for clients looking at improving their cardiovascular fitness while smashing the calories and toning. This 1hr program starts with 45 min targeted for boxing fitness followed by a 15 min core workout. Come and duck and weave your way to the your exceptional new body!

During Punched you will focus on a variety of skills including;
Cardiovascular Fitness, Agility, Technique (both upper and lower body), Foot-work, Core Conditioning plus loads more!

Book in for your initial complimentary appointment to get started this week!



This after school exercise program is designed to encourage and educate children aged 7-12 through play based exercise.
ACTI-KIDS will boost confidence while helping your child improve their movement patterns. As the sessions are not sport specific it allows them to improve in a broad range of areas including; gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, balance etc.

The program runs for 60mins each Tuesdays at 4pm for eight weeks. Along side the school term.
Limited places available. therefore registration is essential.

Start date: To be advised.
Time: 4pm
Duration: 60min
Term: 8 weeks
Cost: $95
Location: Bay ActivePT Studio, 6/2 Cranbrook Rd, Batemans Bay NSW 2536

For more information contact the Bay ActivePT Team.

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